Peanutbutter Films and RayOLightMedia announce International motion picture development deal

The Netherlands / Canada – Peanutbutter Films, an  independent production company based in the Netherlands, announces the signing of a three-movie development deal together with RayOLightMedia, a producer of content for TV and films based in Calgary, Canada.

Both companies will collaborate on San Antonio Undead, a horror movie to be shot during the summer of 2015 in and around San Antonio and Austin, TX, and is currently looking for financing.

Below is the logline for San Antonio Undead:

When a mad cow outbreak terrorizes Friendly Farms during San Antonio’s annual zombie walk, our heroine Sue escapes in her delivery truck wondering what provoked this pandemic to spread so rapidly.”

The second movie is Licorice, a family-oriented film with animals written by a quarter finalist of the Academy Nicholls Fellowship Competition, and based on a top 20 percent entry in the Academy Nicholl Fellowship Competition Licoriceis currently in the early stages of development. The third project is yet to be named.

The logline for Licorice is:

“A stray Labrador helps a distraught teenage boy overcome hysterical blindness by teaching him to love again.”

Peanutbutter Films and RayOLightMedia are now accepting unsolicited submissions for the third project.